Saturday, 5 November 2011

Video Subbing: AMETALK GUNDAM COMEDIANS (09.11.2006)

I've decided ignore the request list and finally do a video that I've chosen myself for a change lol.
I've still got a lot more requests to do so I'll be going straight back to that but.....I really wanted to do an episode from the show Ametalk!

It's a show hosted by the comedy duo Ameagari Keshitai, which includes Miyasako Hiroyuki and Hotohara Tooru. Basically in this show, a theme is decided on and comedians that fit that are invited in to talk about it. They occasionally have ones about various anime/manga but also do all sorts of other topics like 'Female Pro-Bowling Fans' and 'Shy Comedians' and stuff. It's a very funny show and is definitely one of my favourites.

And so, the one that I did this time is the episode where they talk about Mobile Suit Gundam. They actually have  had 3 episodes regarding Gundam to date and they talk more about the story and characters in those other ones, but I thought I should start with the first one. The rest will come sooner or later.

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Kinpachi Sensei (Kinpachi the Teacher) was a very popular drama series of a passionate teacher dealing with a class full of troubled teens. It's a huge part of Japanese pop culture and is mentioned or parodied in just about everything. Kinpachi (Played by Takeda Tetsuya) is now the template for the passionate and heated teacher that you see in dramas and anime today, and has inspired many people too.

Kita no Kuni Kara means 'From the Northern Lands' and was also an extremely popular drama series. It was about a male who returns to the northern state of Hokkaido after living in Tokyo. There, he has to deal with many family problems etc etc.

One of the stars of the series was Tanaka Kunie, who's character is now imortalised in popular culture with impersonations and parodies. He has a distinct way of talking on top of his heavy Hokkaido accent, and also has his mouth drooped open often. Well that's the standard thing that gets impersonated in shows that I see now at least.

They mentioned two strange Gundam fromt the G Gundam series. They really are strange, and there are even more. I'll just show you the two that they talked about though.

                 Mandala Gundam                                                          Mermaid Gundam

They talked about how their wives had changed to resemble a Rick Dom. Big and chunky.

Deep Impact was a Japanese horse that won many Japanese horse racing titles and was an extremely popular horse among Japanese people. One first glance Deep Impact seems like a small horse, but apparently has an extremely well balanced muscle structure, making it very quick at running.


  1. thanks, this is amazing! if these are the kinds of video you want to sub, you should just sub whatever the hell you want

  2. haha thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to do more of this show soon

  3. Another Ametalk fan!! Hands down my favorite show next to London Hearts. Love the DVD promotion episodes with Degawa promotional captain! <3

  4. i really need to quit my blog and leave this stuff to you. :)

  5. @Anonymous: Yes! I love those episodes too. Degawa is a genius idiot lol

    @bugs: No way! Keep doing your stuff dude!

  6. Thank You~
    The show seems interesting ^^

  7. I love these guys! I am so happy to have found your blog today. Would it be possible to reupload the videos? <3 <3

    1. I'll try. It keeps getting rejected by video streaming sites.

  8. i just love japanese comedy, hope you sub more... they are timeless