Saturday, 26 November 2011


Heya everyone,

As I always say, thanks for checking out this blog if you do and leaving comments and thanks and stuff. It's greatly appreciated. Unfortunately it seems there's a recurring problem with people not being able to play video's on the various video sharing sites I've uploaded them. Someone just always seems to have trouble watching them....which sucks, for me as it means that I have to try and find other places where you can watch it....and I really can't be bothered doing that let alone use up scarce internet download/upload allowances. However, it sucks even more for you guys since you can't even watch them at all a lot of the time. (Also I feel like a douchebag when I ignore all of these people telling me that they can't see it...)

So! ................I'm thinking of just scrapping the idea of uploading them on video sites and just putting them on mediafire or megaupload or whatever. Although it makes my posts look less exciting ( it seems to be a more efficient way of distributing these to people. But before I start doing something like that I just wanted to here people's opinions regarding this, to see whether that would make it easier for them or more of a pain. I'm assuming it's the former, but just wanted to check with .........whoever feels like telling me their opinion.

So do you prefer links or videos?



  1. I like your blog! and yes I am anonymous^_^ going to play zelda game?

  2. personally i have no real preference as i have had no problem with any of your videos. putting them on mediafire/megaupload sounds nice, but videos are often pulled from those sites and not everyone can access them, so it'd be more of the same problem.

    if the problem is just embedding, i think its best to just use the same sites and provide links. if people can't access youku or other sites, that's just a problem that can't be avoided. the file hosting site that other subbers use and seem to have the least problems are fileserve and dailymotion, but really you should just use your best judgement.

  3. I'm one of those who having problem watching you videos :( It would be awesome if there a download link on mediafire. or simply uploading them on YT is nice too.

    It's up to you.
    Thank you very much

  4. Actually (since you're asking :-) I'd prefer a direct link as the quality would be a LOT better with the RAW rather than the compressed stream.
    I don't see any danger of them being pulled at all since you're not posting current movies or albums.
    Mediafire is one of the best choices as they're easily available without captchas, waiting times or coded pop-ups.
    I am sure it could be arranged to have them uploaded to a stream site as well if it's a matter of internet speed or time.

  5. I have no problem with viewing them... but what is easiest for you to do?

    I don't really have a preference but if I had to choose it'd probably be how it is now.

  6. I don't know if you can do 2 things at once. I mean like, upload on Youtube and on Megaupload for download. So if YT goes down, we can download from MU(this is just an example).
    And if you can do only 1 thing, just upload them on Megaupload for download, ignore streaming them, lolz.
    And 3rd opinion is just upload them wherever you like and where you feel most ease at \(o^_^o)/. I personaly don't have any problems how you're uploading them right now, they work good for me :3!

    P.S : I forgot to add. You should check out ''''. It's a cool steaming site. A subber who did Spy Batsu, all parts with each 15 mints long, his video are still there, they haven't got deleted yet.

  7. dochi demo ii yo

  8. Personally I prefer being able to download the videos and have them on my harddrive.

    But either way, thanks for subbing and sharing.

  9. i'd prefer streaming sites in dailymotion, youku or tudou except YT which many sub videos seems being taken down there.but whichever it's for the best, i wanna say thanks for subbing and sharing ~

  10. i always have problem viewing your video except from Youtube :((
    but, thanks for sharing..although i cant see your full video, at least i can watch it ... ^^

  11. I put up some ways that they might be able to be downloaded but noone has replied about whether it works. I've explained it here so please have a try