Monday, 28 November 2011

Thanks for all your replies


A couple of days ago I asked whether you'd prefer me to upload the subbed videos onto a file sharing site like mediafire etc rather than a video streaming site. Most of you that replied didn't seem to mind that much, although a fair few did say that they'd prefer a link rather than video.

Other things that you mentioned to me to do is to upload them on dailymotion or youtube instead. Many of my video's actually are uploaded on dailymotion and the reason that I moved to youku was because of the problems with people not able to see videos on that site. As for youtube, there is almost no point uploading it there as it will just get taken down due to copyright issues. I was also told that that can be avoided if the video was set to private, but unfortunately that didn't work for me either....

Since it seems unfair for people that can't watch it on the streaming sites I took a look at some file sharing sites. My first preference was mediafire as they have the least hassle for downloaders and uploaders, but unfortunately it wouldn't work on the computers that I use to upload videos......which really does suck.

Next I tried megaupload but it seems that unless if you use a paying account you can upload a small amount each day and the files are deleted after a few days if they're not downloaded. That was a major put off.

So......despite how I said that I was considering switching to mediafire etc it seems those sites have a number of problems themselves from my perspective. I really should checked these out before doing my previous post but.....well I'm lazy (lol) and assumed that it would work. Sorry about that.

At the moment I'm not really prepared to spend money on an payed account, although I'll consider getting a one in the future. Maybe (and if) this site gets more popular as to be honest it doesn't really cost a huge amount of money for the amount of time the benefits are valid for. But in the mean time, I'm sorry to those who have trouble with it but I'll keep uploading them on video sharing sites............

Oh and to the Anonymous person who asked whether I'll be playing the Zelda game, I'm assuming that you're asking about the latest wii game? My answer is maybe lol. I've got a wii so will be able to if I buy it but who knows....haha

I'll give you some suggestions on what might work for those people though. Since I don't have those problems (Obviously) it works for me, but you'll have to let me know if it also does for you.

The xmlbar method I posted about before apparently doesn't work very well and was still very slow for many people. Instead you can try using a site like Vid-dl or Flvcd. It's very easy to use these site and they work in exactly the same way plus there's no need to install any programs. It's extremely easy but I'll explain with pictures for people who have trouble understanding these things or hate reading.

1. Copy the web address on the video on the video sharing site and not my blog. (To get there click the 'youku' logo on the bottom right of the video.)

Click the 'youku'
and then copy the web address

2. Go to Flvcd. or Vid-dl. Paste the web address into the space they give you to do so, and then press enter.

3. It breaks the video into several parts for some reason. Click each one to download.

Hope that works.........


  1. There's 1 more site that basically works the same as above..

    Anyway, i don't have trouble playing Youku but it's definitely slower and annoying to download as it will breaks the vid into several parts. I would prefer Dailymotion or download link. Just want to share my opinion =)

  2. Thanks for the link.
    Hmm...I changed to youku because lots of people had dailymotion but it seems that youku might be even worse for most people....sigh lol

    Thanks for your opinion~