Friday, 28 October 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): GACKT on Haneru no Tobira (13.11.2008)

Here's requested video of Gackt. It is his 2nd appearance on the show 'Haneru no Tobira'. On his first appearance he did some sort of word game (can't remember well) inside a train setting. This time though, he plays a game where you must guess (and buy) items that are 100 yen out of a group of items. You must pay for whatever you choose, and amongst these items are some very expensive ones, so it could become a very costly game if you're not lucky, or suck at judging the quality of things.

Gackt shows his prankster side a lot, so you'll probably like it. He also does a lot of tough man talk. as usual.

This video had some tricky bits to translate. They play around with words and stuff....but I did my best. Most, if not all are explained in the video so hopefully you'll understand. The subs are also quite fast paced as there are a lot of them speaking really quickly at the same time and stuff so....yeah~~. Sorry if you have trouble reading it.

Aside from that it's a fairly fun episode.


To be honest I'm not a fan of this show and most of its comedians. The fat guy, Tsutsumushita Atsushi was really loud, spoke super quick and said pointless stuff a lot so I really agreed with Gackt when he said:

 Unlike most episodes of this show however, this episode was fun. So that was good.


They started talking about a how the hat look liked that of 'Super Hitoshi'. Super Hitoshi was a mascot from a game show called 'Hitachi World: Mystery Discovery!" (日立世界 ふしぎ発見!, Hitachi Sekai: Fushigi Hakken!), modelled after the host of the show, Kusano Hitoshi. When a contestant gets a question correct he/she would get a Super Hitoshi, but if they get it wrong it gets "Boschuuto". Boschuuto is a fusion of the words 'Bosshuu' (Confiscate) and 'Dust chute', as it goes down a chute when it is taken away. (I just translated it as confiscated). If you want, you can see this in action here:

She is a fashion model/personality and the former girlfriend of Tsutsumushita. She publicly confessed to liking him on a TV show, and their relationship began from there. They broke up in early 2008 (the year this episode aired) so I suppose was still in recent memory for them.

Choro-Q's were popular little toy car that would move forward when you wound it up by rolling it backwards. It was immensely popular back in the late 70's and 80's.

Sammo Hung is one of the most famous Hong Kong martial art actors. He is characteristically fat, but still can pull off acrobatic kung fu moves. He is from the same generation as Jackie Chan, and was even in the same acrobatic troupe with him when they were still around 14~16. He and has also co-starred in many movies with him such as Project A. He is also a director and fight choreographer.

He is a former tennis player, and now a sports reporter. He was the first Japanese player to win a singles event of the Association of Tennis Professionals. He is now well known for being very passionate and heated guy, and often appears on variety shows making a lot of noise and moving around the place a lot lol...He was on Arashi ni Shiyagare a couple of weeks ago actually. 

Fullname is Krumm Date Kimiko, and is a female tennis player. She has had a fairly successful career, reaching the top 10 in the world in 1994. In 1996 she announced her retirement, but made a comeback in 2008, and is still playing today. She is married to a German motor car driver, Michael Krumm, which is the reason for her un-Japanese ish name.

And that's all from me.


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  4. I was literally watching the un-subbed version of this show this morning wondering if I would ever find it subbed. "How long before I'm good enough to understand this?" So, when I saw it here, I froze and was so excited. Thank you for subbing this. It's already funny, but with subs, I can finally laugh with them instead of at the reactions only.