Friday, 28 October 2011

Video Subbing: (REQUEST): ELISA on ANIME TV

This is the requested video of ELISA on Anime TV.
ELISA is a lesser known female singer. She has sung the theme songs for several anime, although she admits to not knowing much about it. I hadn't heard of her until being asked to sub this, but I found her to be pretty good.
She really does have a nice voice, and there was a video on youtube that I liked where she sings "Ai Oboete masuka" (Do You Remember Love?" from the first Macross series.

Anyway, since I don't really know much about her I'll just let you watch the video now.

Get from Mediafire (85 MB)


  1. Intersting interview.
    While watching this video, seeing her slender appearance made me wondering if she was model and according to her profile she indeed did modeling activities.
    Not really the style of music I usually listen to but still nice to discover her work.

    Are coming of age ceremonies something like graduation ceremonies?
    I didn't know these fun facts about the photos for such ceremonies.

    I've noticed her management promotes her with some French image with her name and the title of her album (even if "Rouge adolescence" doesn't have real meaning in French).

    Thanks for these subs!

  2. Coming of age ceremonies are just a ceremony that people attend when they turn 20. People will return to their hometowns and stuff for this where they will be able to meet old friends and people that they've forgotten about from childhood and school and stuff. People usually go to these in traditional styled Japanese clothes, although they're are often made more flashy and bright coloured.

    They always have some problems with drunk youngsters causing trouble on that day lol

  3. Remember -[My Username on the forums]1 November 2011 at 13:59

    Hey Zilla! I've been lurking around your blog for the past week and you've got pretty awesome stuff. Thank you very much for all this. I just wanted to recommend you a site called : It's a fan forum where Gaki fans gather and sub stuff related to that show, especially Downtown[Their just awesome xD]. I'm sure alot of people would enjoy your stuff there. Do take a look on that forum!

  4. Wow! That's a pretty awesome site.
    I didn't know people had already subbed all of those "Don't Laugh" episodes. And there are so much more!

    I noticed a couple of the Hotei Tomoyasu on heyx3 videos there too lol Was that your doings?

  5. Thanks for the explanation.
    Coming of age ceremonies remind me a bit Quinceañera event somehow with the celebration of another step in life:

    Not related to the post but what do these kanji mean 愛言葉 ?
    Google translate writes me "Love Words" and indeed I can see the kanji Ai for love.

  6. Tako: 愛言葉 (Aikotoba)does mean "Love words" but it's not an actual word that exists in Japanese.

    I'm assuming its the name of a song?
    There is a word Aikotoba (合言葉) that can mean password or slogan so it's probably related to that.

  7. Yes, indeed it's the name of Goto Maki's latest album.
    Maybe Aikotoba with 愛 might be a pun or something like that.

    Thanks a lot for the explanation.

  8. @Zilla

    Nah, that's not me. I didn't want to post your stuff there without asking you. But I didn't know either some people posted you're stuff there, lol.

    And yeah, tons of videos. We just love Downtown, Cocorico and Yamazaki, hehe. And the new year is close by, let's see what they plan this year!

    Oh and my nick there is ''Remember'' as I posted on my last post. I hope you join on the forums =D!

  9. @Tako: Yeah, that's most likely.

    @Remember: Ohhh okay. I wouldn't really have minded if you posted my stuff there. As long as you don't take all of the credit for it lol. Although I'm sure you wouldn't do that.

    And yeah Downtown and their underlings are awesome. I agree with you, can't wait for their end of year special!