Saturday, 22 October 2011


Heya people,

It seems that this place is growing in visitors lately, and I don't know if you're sort of regularly here or just mainly coming here from links on other blog etc. I think that most people might just be from the later situation, which is fine, but if you don't check this blog once in a while you might miss some video's that would interest you. Who knows.

Anyway, I thought that it might be better if I had a page on some sort of social site like facebook or twitter to send out notices to let people know the latest video I've subbed etc. When I first started blogging on blogger I had no idea of it's capabilities (or any other blogsite), and I've found out after a while, that it really quite sucks at keeping people up to date with stuff on here unless if they also have a blogger account or google account.
Also, maybe if I make one, I'd be able to keep the drifting random visitors more easily....

Maybe even twitter?

Aaaand so, that's the reason why I thought it might be a good idea to have some other method of sending out notifications via a social site. I could just make one, but I don't even know if people would be interested in it as I don't really have an idea of how many people check this site regularly, apart from a few people that kindly comment on the posts.

Maybe I could have facebook+twitter as there are some people that only have one or the other, or just prefer one over the other etc etc etc etc

So err yes. Please let me know what you think.


  1. Getting a facebook page will be easier for us, your followers, to track your awesome subs. ^_^v

  2. Personally, I don't have Facebook or Twitter...because I'm special like that. I do actually check this blog quite regularly. I find it easier to check and see if you've updated myself, I don't really need notifications...but maybe that's only because I never get any :P

  3. In my case, I don't have facebook but I've bookmarked your blog in my favorites sites/blogs (easier way) (^-^)/

    I don't have facebook so I can't tell you the impact of this social network.

    However, I once tested twitter and the positive side of twitter is when you update your own twitter account, people can easily follow the lastest updates of your blog while just reading the content of your tweets + url included.

    But what about you? Do you use more twitter or facebook?
    If it's none of them, maybe these social network might not have a big impact on Jburogu after all and will be more a task for you.

  4. I'm a regular here, too. Like others, I have your blog on my bookmark bar, so all it takes for me to check it out is just one click. I'm not a big facebook fan. Using it mainly to keep in touch with family and real-life friends. When it comes to online stuff, I personally prefer Twitter. Not to mention that you can follow Hotei there! lol.

    In the end, though, I'm with Tako. The point is what works the best for you. It is your blog after all. :)

  5. Totally up to you as most have said.

  6. Go for it! I'd get on Twitter too!


  7. Thank you very much for all your comments!
    I'll do as what most of you have said and just do what I want lol. I suppose that probably is the best answer haha

    Sooo, if you haven't noticed already I've put a facebook 'like it box' thing and twitter thing on the top left column near the top of the page for those who'd find it convenient

    Once again, thanks for the replies!