Thursday, 4 August 2011


Here's my subbed video of Shiina Ringo singing "Tsumi to Batsu" (Crime and Punishment) on Music Station all the way back in the year 2000.

I couldn't embed the video so have to click this link :)
Get from Mediafire (29MB)
Miso is type of Japanese seasoning made from fermented rice, barley and/  soy beans. It looks like (usually) a brown or orange paste and tastes very salty. You'll probably know that Japanese people make soup out of this (just dissolve the paste in water). However, you may not have realised that there are different types of miso. The main two are red miso and white miso, but there are a few other flavours....well it's really how strong the flavour is rather than a difference in the actual taste (Well, maybe a little bit. I haven't tried all of them).

RED miso is saltier than WHITE miso.

Personally I like White miso more.....Red one is too salty and....dunno just don't like it much.
Not that my opinion really matters :p

                     No it's not poop

They were talking about societies image of Shiina Ringo and that this is due to how she presents herself through her music. Tamori says that what she does is extreme, to which Shiina responds with something like

"Really..? Like nurses?". 

If you're a fan of Shiina Ringo then you probably understood what this was about but if not, it's referring to the music video for 'Honnou' (Instinct). She dresses as a nurse and does some erotic stuff with another lady.....

I couldn't be bothered translating the's pretty complicated to translate to be honest but I found a site where a wonderful person called Megchan has already done so....If you're interested it's here


  1. Great work, GR. I'm watching you closely to see how often your subbed videos get blocked. That way I will know if it is worth the trouble for me to try it...

    This blog is fantastic.

  2. Thanks bugs! I think it's mainly the new shows that they detect and block. I think some have some sort of tracking code in them as well as apparently some kind of security thing is inputted to stuff that you record off TV in Japan.

    I'm assuming and hoping that most of the older shows and episodes are safe though (like 10 or so years ago). Especially since all of the ones that got detected on youtube were recent ones.

    I think that those already on youtube would be safe to subtitle since they haven't been deleted, but its your choice to gamble