Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Video Subbing: SAKURAI ATSUSHI (BUCK-TICK) on Waratte Iitomo 1994

Figured out a way to keep using Video Pad (legally) thankfully, so I was able to finish off a half done video.

This is an interview of Sakurai Atsushi, the vocalist for now veteran band BUCK-TICK. I have got to say...although he is still very handsome now, he was extremely (almost ridiculously handsome in his younger days. Definitely one of the most ever in the business. 

Get from Mediafire (46 MB)

I was reaaaallly taken by surprised at how he looked in this video. I hadn't noticed until seeing this, but there is almost no pictures of a younger Sakurai without heaps of make up on. I only knew about his recent Gothic look and that old spiky haired style until this....This is why I like searching for and watching old videos....

                   SUPER SAYAN MODE                                                         GOTHIC STYLE

This is about the only one you can find easily of this type of Sakurai

Anyway, as always with all videos I sub, here's the explanations of various references that you possibly may not know about that were made in this video.

In this show, 'Warrate Iitomo' (-roughly-You are allowed to Laugh), people send in flowers to congratulate friends and acquaintances that are called up on to the show. The emcee (Tamori) always takes a look at these and points out ones that he finds interesting. In this video they were from:

DISK GARAGE: A Japanese ticket vendor
MITSUBO-TEI: I think it's a restaurant or another pub
KIKKAWA KOJI: Is was a very famous singer and one of the top stars of the 80's and early 90's

Guests to this corner in the show (called Telephone Shocking), invite a friend of theirs to appear on the next show the following day. The person that called in Sakurai was Nakamura Toru, a famous male actor (Tamori called him Nakama Toru by accident without realising. Neither did I). Star roles in movies include 'Bebop High School' series and K-20 (with Kaneshiro Takeshi) and dramas like 'The Glory of Team Batista'.

In the message to Sakurai he asks him to someday play the role of AMAKUSA SHIROU. Amakusa Shirou was the leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. This was a rebellion against the Tokugawa shogunate by mainly Christian peasants, after taxes were hiked up and persecution of those of Christian faith started. Although this battle ended in defeat for the rebels, it is extremely famous as the leader was only a young teenager at 15 years of age. He was described as being very charismatic (you'd have to be pretty damn charismatic to be a leader at 15...) and often called 'heaven's messenger' by his followers.

The ALTA is a department store located in Shinjuku district of Tokyo. It also has a studio on the seventh floor, where this show is/was filmed. Tamori says it was all black outside this building when he arrived. He was referring to Sakurai's fans, who typically wear a lot of black clothing. He jokingly said that they were his own fans though ;p

Music Station is another show hosted by Tamori and has popular musicians (such as the suggested SMAP and HIKARU GENJI) showcasing their latest singles. SMAP and Hikaru Genji are both Johnny's Associate boy groups that were most popular around the time this episode aired.

Roller skating boy group Hikaru Genji.
....They look so cool (sarcastic)
I'm pretty sure that almost all of those who were interested in watching this video and reading this post would know who this is.....but anyway.

Hide was a gifted guitarist for the legendary Japanese speed metal band X-Japan. He died mysteriously in 1998 after being suffocated by a towel attached to a door knob and around his neck. Police classified it as suicide but according to his band mates, this was a method of pain release that they often used, to relieve stress in the shoulders and back from playing the guitar too much. They claimed that he was not the type to commit suicide either, and that this must have been some sort of accident.

And that's it that I've noticed from quickly going through the video.....if theres anything else you want to know, or requests for videos please leave a notice.

Thank you!

I'll leave you with a weird picture of Buck-Tick in the olden days.


  1. Oh my gosh! Wasn't Hide the dude who picked a fight with Hotei back in the 90's...? I didn't know he passed. Hm... may have been a case of autoerotic asphyxiation. Sad. :/


  2. I don't know but they probably got along because Hotei covered one of his songs in a tribute album...maybe they became friends afterwards