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Video Subbing: HYDE (and a bit of MUCC) on HAPPY MUSIC (19 June 2010)


I've subbed another video. This time it's very short compared to the other ones, and featuring a different pretty boy of Japanese music. This person is Hyde of L'arc en ciel and more recently, VAMPS. The host of the show Becky interviews him before his live performance at a rock concert featuring a number of other famous acts such as MUCC. Unfortunately they only talk for a minute or so.


The video is from June 2010, so please excuse Becky when she says she's never seen an ipad before...

Time to do a couple of explanations.

Hyde mistook Becky's name for Gakki~.
Gakki~ is actually the nickname of another famous female in Japan at the moment called Aragaki Yui.
I don't know, if it was on purpose to mock Becky, or he honestly (but rudely) made a mistake but basically, Gakki~ is a completely different person.

Osaka is Japan's second largest city, and is often sort of scene as a Tokyo's rival. They have a fierce baseball rivalry, and do variously things opposite to Tokyo, such as the side to stand on while riding an escalator. The personality of the people living here are also thought as being much brighter and open than those of the capital, albeit a bit more brash and rude at the same time. Although this may be a some what sterotypical view, it is a fact that almost all of the top comedians from Japan are from Osaka or the surrounding areas (including Osaka), called Kansai (or Kinki).

As stated before, the people of Osaka can be friendly and nice, but they can also be much louder and ruder. Particularly tagged as having these qualities (particularly rudeness), are the old stressed housewives of Osaka, (generally around 40~60 years.). Known in Japanese as 'Osaka no Obasan' (大阪のおばさん), they stereotypically, love to gossip about .......well everything, and are also always trying to get bargain deals at local supermarkets.

ANYWAY........getting to the point about the
They say something like "Clothes that old women from Osaka would like". Basically, Osaka no obasan's like colourful and flashy clothes. PARTICULARLY leopard skin patterns and tiger stripes. They cannot pass by a piece of clothing like that without stopping to look/ buy.

Here's a link a video of some comedians pretending to be these obnoxious ladies, and a translation/explanation of what's happening. (courtesy of Bugs from Owarai Hive. Thank you!)

You might or might not know this so I included it in the explanations. Bowed legs is this:
In Japanese they called it Gani-mata (蟹股) which means 'Crab crotch'. LOL!
But can probably see that it's like how crab's legs are, especially in that picture with the scissor hands and everything. More people in Japan get this than other countries because of the traditionally polite way to sit on the floor, which is to sit on your bent legs like so:
 If you do it for too long it's bad for you as it cuts of blood circulation to the legs. Your legs get paralyzed from this and when you try to stand up you usually end up toppling over. If you do it too much for many years, it can cause your leg bones to bend and curve.
 So be careful not to do it too much, unless if you want bowed legs later on in life. Although I've heard before that it's desirable to have in some cultures.....

Anyway that's it for today's lecture. Class dismissed!

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  1. AWW I love Hyde-san It would be great if you could upload more videos of a delight to watch!