Monday, 25 July 2011


   Netto jou no omaera                      Genjitsu Sekai no Omaera  
You guys on the internet                      You guys in real life


It's been a while since I last posted pictures of these.

Anyway this is the explanation I've been copy pasting on the past ones......
"It's basically aimed at 'trolls', people that act all big and tough on the internet and post rude and negative comments on .......well just about everything. The internet is infested with annoying people like this, and as a response, people have made a series of pictures making fun of them.

It depicts what these 'trolls' are like on the internet, and what they are actually like in real life."

Got it? Cool, well here they are.

Left side: You guys on the internet
Ride side: You guys in real life

This is Nakagawa Shoko. Her fan's have noticed that she always seems a bit despondent and alone in variety shows with lots of other people. Especially when everyone else is on their feet and making noise.

See here for what I am talking about

The guy on the right is a comedian. I can't remember his name though. He was famous for doing impressions in the 70's and 80's.

That guy on the right is a famous protester back when the Japanese Government was riddled with corruption....Oh wait it still is. Well not as much, but I'm sure a lot of those old arrogant geasers are getting payed more than they are worth.

 LOL! What are they doing???
Personally I'd prefer to be the guy in real life here....
I hope he's got clocks or something that he's selling hanging on his towel (like dodgy people with cloaks) rather than showing off his weaner. He must be really impressive in that department, or they're just making fun of him.

I think this picture means that trolls in real life are loners that just want to be amongst the other kids.

That dog is pretty cute anyway....

It was a pretty strange collection this time......I think they were sort of the left overs so they're a bit like......
hmmmmmmmm........? compared to the others.

The others....
Which are here!! BAM!

Net Jou no Omaera 1
Net Jou no Omaera 2

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Oh my god he's cheating on me again!!


  1. Lol this is hilarious. I don't get the one about Nakagawa Shouko though. And you mean the guy on the right is a comedian right? The guy on the left is Nicolas Cage! XD

    The kid with the towel must be pretty impressive to gather that much attention. XD Does that mean everyone on the internet has a big ****? XD

  2. Haha yeah thanks, I fixed up that mistake you found. Seriously having problems with my right and left today...

    And I think it means that the guy in real life is a loner lol. But it could be interpreted your way haha, depends on your perspective of things.