Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hi there.

This is something that I've decided to start up and do once in a while when I feel like it/remember to.
Basically I'm going to be posting old pictures of stuff related to Japan. The 'Showa Beuties' section in particular will be dedicated to the good looking people of the Showa Period of Japan (December 1926~ January 1989).

***In Japan there on top of the Western way for counting years, there is a traditional Japanese way as well. Every time an Emperor dies and the next inline is appointed, a new period in history begins, and each period restarts from the year one. So as an example. I'll explain the most recent 3 periods.

Taisho Period                 ------------->              Showa Period             ------------>     Heisei Period
Emperor: Yoshihito                                        Emperor: Hirohito                                  Emperor: Akihito
1912~1926                                                         1926~1989                                         1989~Now

As I said each period start again at the year 1, so as I was born in 1991, I was born in Heisei Year 3.

born 1933 (Showa Year 8)

Oogi Chisato was a famous actress back in the olden days, and had been a successful politician for around 30 years before retiring. An interesting fact of wiki:

"Oogi's husband is notorious as a womanizer as he admits. Interviewed as to his love affair with a maiko exposed in a tabloid magazine in 2002, Oogi answered "I know that girl. She is intelligent and I favor her, too," adding "A husband not attractive to women would be boring."

A retro advertisement for a Polaroid camera

 This is her now, or more recently.

I suppose age catches everyone at some point.....I don't want to get old...


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