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I love my siblings. I've got an older brother and two even older sisters. We get along great, and almost never have disagreements or fights (apart from when I was a whiny little primary school kid), so when I see great sibling bonds in anime and movies, I am usually extra moved and more likely to get emotional.....(like in Grave of the Fireflies).


This is from ranking I found online on a Japanese website, which reports many rankings of what males and females think about various Anime/Manga related topics. A fairly interesting one I found was the Top 5 siblings ranking. Here's what the 468 females voted, and some of their reasons/opinions.

-Here's the MALE TOP 5

Counting downwards:

No. 5 Fukuda Sazae, Isono Katsuo and Isono Wakame 12.4%
From: Sazae San (サザエさん)
"I think it is good how although they care for each other, they are able to say things to each other straight up" 
(23yr old, Technision)

"I like how although they differ greatly in age, that doesn't seem to affect the way they interact with each other too much" 
(25yr old, Engineer)

No. 4  Satsuki and Mei 12.6%

From: My Neighbour Totoro (となりのトトロ) Tonari no Totoro
"The contrast between the maturity of the older sister and the self indulgent younger sister makes me smile"
(24yr old, Shop Assistant)

"The bond between Satsuki and Mei is very touching. Even if they fight, they are siblings til the end"
(22 yr old, Chemist)

No. 3  Sakura Sakiko and Momoko 13.5%
From: Chibi Maruko-chan (ちびまる子ちゃん) 
"It's just like my relationship with my older sister!"
(29 yr old, IT)

"I feel peaceful when watching the combination of the mature older sister and the pert younger sister."
(24yr old, Medical)

No. 2  Edward Elrick and Alphonse 14.3%
From: Full Metal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師) Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi 
"Because their bond is the foundation of the story, and it stays strong despite them facing numerous trials."
(28 yr old, IT) 
"There are no siblings with bonds such as theirs"
(24 yr old, Education)
"The love between siblings is amazing. Makes me really think again about my siblings" (22 yr old, Secretary)

No. 1  Portgace D. Ace and Luffy  27.8%

From: One Piece  
" There are no other siblings that could beat these two. Despite being step brothers, you can tell that they deeply care for each other from their hearts."
(22 yr old, Salesperson)

"There are no other brothers with bonds as strong as theirs. Just thinking about it brings me to tears"
(23 yr old, Office lady)

"It is amazing because it makes you feel that blood ties don't matter at all"
(28yr old, Mechanics)

"I think they're the ultimate brothers! The part where he (Luffy) tries to save Ace really moved me."
(24yr old, IT)

So there you have the female votes. What do you think? They got it right?
I think they've made a pretty good selection. I can agree with their choices, although many of you probably won't be too familiar with the siblings from 'Sazae-san' and 'Chibi Maruko-chan'. They're slice of life type shows, so they would depict more of the everyday sort of relationships compared to the sensationalised bonds in One Piece and Full metal Alchemists. 


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