Thursday, 7 July 2011



This is from ranking I found online on a Japanese website, which reports many rankings of what males and females think about various Anime/Manga related topics. A fairly interesting one I found was the Top 5 siblings ranking. Here's what the 221 males voted, and some of their reasons/opinions.

-Here's the FEMALE TOP 5

Counting downwards:

Tied No. 5 Sakura Sakiko and Momoko 9.1% 
From: Chibi Maruko-chan (ちびまる子ちゃん) 
"I think they're good sisters. Although they fight, they're like a real family."
(26yrs, Chemist)

"Even while fighting, the older sister takes good care of her younger sibling."
(24 yrs, IT)

Tied No. 5 Ueda Tatsuya and Kazuya 9.1%
From: Touch 
"I can understand Kazuya and Tatsuya's feelings, and it makes me sad. They are both very kind so I like them."
(26 yrs, Chemist)

"I'm jealous of twins. It really touched me how he (Tatsuya) decides to pursue his dead younger brother's dream.

No. 4 Doraemon and Dorami 9.9%
From: Doraemon (ドラえもん)   
"I think they're the worlds greatest siblings. If they were my family I would have nothing to fear!"
(29 yrs, Construction)

"Because I've been brought to tears by things to do with sibling love."
(27 yrs, IT)

No. 3 Jaian and Jaiko 11.8%
From: Doraemon (ドラえもん)  
"Because it's interesting how he suddenly turns into a good older brother when thinking about his sister.
(26 yrs, Office based specialist)

"Because she cares for her brother and he cares for his sister."
(28 yrs, Sales)

No. 2 Edward Elrick and Alphonse 13.1%
From: Full Metal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師) Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi 

"I want to learn from their sibling bond."
(23 yrs, IT)

"The two have experienced joy and sadness together."
(23 yrs, Security/Police)

"I don't think their are any brother characters that could stand against these two."
(24yrs , Engineer)

No. 1 Portgas D. Ace and Luffy D. Monkey 29.9%

From: One Piece  
"Although they're not related by blood, it makes you feel 'Now this how brothers should be'."
(24 yrs, Education)

"Risking his (Luffy) life to save Ace. That's not something you can easily do."
(24 yrs, IT)

"Because they both trust each other."
(23 yrs, IT)

"Despite not being blood relatives, the bond between their hearts  is wonderful"
(27 yrs, Education)

Aaaaand there you have the male opinion on the greatest anime/manga siblings. It's the same top two as what females chose, so it would be pretty safe to say that these two pairs of brothers may be the best siblings depicted in Anime/manga.  


  1. I'm sure this poll was done with opinions from people biased One Piece lol
    Honestly I'm not sure what conclusion we can make from this poll, what I can see is people who answered to this poll are the genereation highly influenced One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist.
    I know Saint Seiya declined in term of popularity but maybe I would have quoted Saint Seiya with Shun and Ikki always helping each other (and Ikki often risking his life to protect his brother since Shun was a baby).

  2. haha yeah~
    I think they were between 20~30 years old so that's probably why. I'm not a huge fan of One Piece (It's too long and repetetive) or Full Metal Alchemist (it's okay but not awesome).

    My generation is after Saint Seiya so haven't watched/read that yet but it's very popular in the previous generation so I should read/watch it :)

    I'm assuming you're French, because I know that Saint Seiya is very popular there. And you also made a comment about Char Aznavour=Char Aznable so...haha