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Hello there, as promised, here's the video I subbed.
It's footage of chat between two (well 3 really..) living legends, Hotei Tomoyasu and the comedy duo Downtown. It's off the show Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, and I believe aired all the way back in 1995.

Get from Mediafire (20 MB)


Things You Might Not Have Understood 

There's a few points throughout their talk that I thought might benefit from some references, which I will explain now:

At one point of their conversation they started talking about Hotei's wife. Hotei has had two wives in his life, the first one was Yamashita Kumiko from 1985 to 1997, so they'd be talking about her in this video

They broke up in 1997, the reason said as being because Hotei cheated on her with her freind Imai Miki.
That was probably true, as Hotei ended up marrying her in 1999

Another point that likely needs to be mentioned is when Matsumoto says that Hotei sounded like Giant Baba when he talked with the drink glass close to his mouth. Giant Baba (or Shohei Baba)was one of the most famous wrestlers in Japanese history, and was well known for his great height (2.09m) and deep voice.
Here's a video of him talking. 

Thanks for visiting! You can look forward to some more video subs in the future......



  1. Hi there! (I'd previously tried leaving a comment a few minutes ago, which I will now try to re-construct as it was quite long:) )

    First, I'd like to thank you for translating, subtitling and uploading this (and the other two) Hotei video clip! I had already added the Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ guestings to my list of favorites, but a few weeks ago was disappointed to find out they'd been removed. A fellow Hotei fan had told me that there were strict guidelines for Japanese television broadcasts being uploaded on youtube, so that might have been the reason the originals were taken out. Imagine my utter glee at finding your subbed videos! I've been imagining what was being said in these interviews, and I was not wrong in thinking how amazing they are. Watching them in their original, unsubbed versions you could already tell that the rapport between the hosts and their guests was fabulous.

    This was very entertaining! A few bits I especially liked:

    - I share Matsumoto's sentiments when he said he was curious about how Hotei was like during his school days as he "can't quite picture it" (LOL) I liked the part where Hotei says he'd be walking around like normal and people would go, "What the hell's your problem?" (awesome translation, btw.)

    - As much as I really love Hotei, he's a bit of a douche in this interview (LOL), but i hope that his thoughts about his fan base have change through the years. I kind of get what he's trying to put across, but considering this was 1995 and Grrl Power was in full effect, well...I'd have to disagree with him on the slightly misogynist sentiments!

    - Oh and thank you for filling in the details regarding what had happened between him and his first wife. It's quite difficult to get details about that in English. I know it's something that happened ages ago, but as a fan it's fun finding out stuff like that. For some odd reason, I am more drawn to the first woman he married as she strikes me as a Japanese Pat Benatar!

    I would very much like to re-port or embed your video clips to my livejournal (with credit to you of course) as I am making a series of entries on the numerous Hotei video clips found on youtube. I hope this is okay? :)

    Once again, I thank you with all my fangirl heart for uploading these videos. I hope that you could sub other Hotei clips in the future :)

    I'm off to comment on the other Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ clips you have on here :) Thanks again!


  2. Wow! Thanks for your long comment lol
    I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed it that much.

    I have absolutely no problem with you re-posting it on you're livejournal. The reason why I've decided to subtitle videos were so that fans could understand what these Japanese artists are saying and so that it would be easier to introduce these people to those who don't understand Japanese. So you posting them somewhere else is helping that goal.

    I've actually got another Hotei video that I had been planning to lay off for a while but may do it sooner now for you :) It will still take some time though as it's quite long. There's another video on this blog of him though,

    here's the link

  3. Yay! Thank you! :D I can't wait to have a peek at it :D

    By the way, in case you are curious at all to some of the insanity re the Hotei Video Clip Diary, it can be found here:

    I hope you can help in telling me what's going on in some of those videos I embedded - LOL.