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GACKT: Voice Acting on Anime 'Sket Dance'

GACKT: Voice Acting on Anime 'SKET DANCE'

Gackt has taken part in an voice acting role for popular TV anime 'Sket Dance'.
He will be playing  the part of Dante, a visual kei influenced high schooler. Here's the subbed interview (few short questions) with Gackt on his opinion about the role.


Gackt -SketDance Dante role- ENGLISH SUBTITLES by juxtapose31

You might have been wondering what the hell he was saying at the start during recording the character's dialogue (eg Wings that fly to the banquet....)

Well the reason for this is that his chracter, Dante, doesn't talk properly but responds to people in a peculiar way. Anything he says may actually mean normal things but he says it in a way thats highly stylised (eg, old fashioned kanji -at least in the manga-) or in riddle like form. In short, he's a pain in the ass to talk to.

This is an exert from the manga when they introduce the character. They ask Dante what his name is and this is what happens...

Click on the picture to enlarge if you have trouble reading it.

All of the coversations with this guy are hard to translate nicely into english as there's a lot of play on words and kanji characters and if you didn't find what I just posted particularly funny, don't worry...I won't be angry. Just a little dissapointed hehe.

Sket Dance in general is a pretty funny manga/anime, although maybe more so to people that understand Japanese for reasons such as what I just mentioned. It's a pure Gag Manga (Comedy manga), and follows a group of high school kids who formed a club the スケット団 (Suketto dan). The Suketto comes from 助っ人 (also suketto) which means 'helper', so basically its a club that helps out people with, well just about anything.

It can be quite an entertaining manga to read if you're interested, although probably better done bit by bit as it can get a little old if you read volumes back to back. It's also probably been translated by some other dedicated people since its now a popular section of Weekly Shonen JUMP.

Anyway thanks for reading...

......さらば Saraba 
(kinda like an old way of saying farewell)


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