Tuesday, 24 May 2011



Hello again I've got some more weird Japanese Stuff of the internet for you to see. This time its the "Masa ni Gedou"  baby. Its basically a picture of a cute baby that someone has found, and decided to make it say "gedou" stuff.
--Gedou (外道) was originally a term given to religions other than buddhism. The kanji make up means outside path (outside=外 path=道), so basically a path outside the norm. It has since been made to have several other meanings (i suppose based on the kanji). It is now also used to refer to people who speaks rudely of/ verbally abuses people.
~~~ but anyway~~~
There had been a boom of posts a while back with people writing black humour jokes using this baby.
I've translated some of them for you to read.

Read from the RIGHT speech bubble first!!!

 If you don't understand this one a Deathnote is a notebook in which if you write someones name in it that person dies...---from anime 'Deathnote'

 **Masami is a Japanese girls name

A 'NEET' is the term given to people who have no motivation to find a job. Many of the people on Japanese 2channel threads are Neets (well seems that way from what I've read). They usually spend their time watching anime and porn, playing video games, reading manga and posting weird things like this on the net.

I;ve got more and will post them up some other time when I can be bothered so stay tuned

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