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 ----Japanese Emoticons----  

Konbanwa~ ! (good evening)  ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ

Welcome again, this time I've decided to write about Japanese emoticons!
We all (well most) would already know about emoticons, those weird little faces that we create by using different symbols on the keyboard. 

Things like:
                     :)      :(      ;)     :p

........ yeah they're super lame.......and can hardly be recognised as faces.

Well you can always count on the Japanese to come up with better versions of things, and thats certainly the case this time as well.  
                HOORAYY! やった~~~

The thing is, as you would also expect from them, they take things to the extreme and outrageous and confusing.

 I'm assuming its somewhat hard to figure out whats going on............but still cool. Especially if you know whats going on. They guy on the right is actually aiming and shooting a gun  at another dude thats running for his/her life. The バキュン ("bakyun") is the sound of a gun shot in Japanese haha.......they have many sound words that are quite different to English. Actually that would be a good idea for a post hmmm...

They also have maaannny different variations of emoticons for many different types of emotions, gestures, actions. They even have animals

⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃ベア      U^ェ^U ワン!   ((≡゚♀゚≡))                        

                        Bear                                  Dog ('WAN!' is barking noise)           .....Doraemon

......................and people going to the toilet haha. 

                ∥wc∥ ヽ( ´ー`)ノ フウ♪

( フゥッ "Fuu" is like when you breath out when you feel relief. I this case from the comfort of ejecting faeces from anus. 
Basically this if its a close up:: 

C= (-。 -) フゥ

There's  a ridiculous amount of these things and impossible to remember them all. I even have trouble remembering the easiest ones so usually end up using those lame ones I was talking about at the start..........cry

But I suppose it can't really be helped since most some of these may be impossible to do if your computer can't write in Japanese, or some symbols are so obscure that it would take ages to even search for the damn things. I'll just stick to my favourite (-_-) face. Although it would be cool to be able to bust out things like

凸(`Д´メ)FUCK YOU!

or digitally punch idiots


anyway enough joking around  \( ̄ー ̄;)ナンデヤネン 

 In short, the world Japanese emoticons is a wonderland of new possibilities for text conversations...........

You can check out more on this link
and click on the various tabs on the left for different categories... 
This site is in Japanese so if you don't understand you can kinda just click random places and figure it out.....if you reallly need it you can ask me for help..
I'll just be chillin with mah ciggarette

actually i don;t smoke so would probably daydreaming 
                                      ( ゚ ρ ゚ )ボーーーー 

Anyway I'll leave the rest up to you who are interested to discover new and exciting emoticons and wow your freinds......heh


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  1. thanks for this blog. i get so much mail from Japanese people and i never understand what any of those symbols mean...