Thursday, 13 June 2013

Delays and Shit

Hey everyone,

A little while ago I posted a Mecha-Ike video that I subbed.
There were some problems regarding the subs not showing on the dailymotion video, and in some cases while playing the downloaded file on your computer.

I have to apologise for not explaining this more properly.
For the current video, I used a method called "muxing", which sort of just adds on the subtitles over the video, like a new layer. This is different to the ususal "hard subbing" which actually encodes the text into the video. Muxing is good because it allows you to keep video and subtitles in it's original quality. It's like how you use softsubs, but the subfile is automatically attached to the video, rather than you having to do that.

It was the first time I tried, and didn't know that it wouldn't work on dailymotion. I'll need to make a hardsubbed version for that, which is easy enough.


Some viewers of this site have notified and given me access to a much better quality RAW of this episode. I would much rather use this video and re-release it for you.

Unfortunately the .ass file does not completely sync with this new video, and so I must re-time these.
This will take time.

On top of that, I am obliged to work on the final part of the unreleased footage of Gaki no Tsukai Enthusiastic Teachers right now, and so will not be able to work on re-timing the Mecha-Ike episode for about a week.

So yes. I know I promised to fix the problem up "in a few days", but due to these circumstances, it's gonna be more like 1~2 weeks.


  1. Since there is link for the RAW,I think you should upload only the ass file.It will much faster than hard-sub.
    Take your time Godzilla.

  2. The sub file isn't synced with the high quality raw.
    If you still want it, here

  3. Just tell them to download the file from mediafire it works perfectly
    Don't bother retiming it since the hardsub file works

  4. You're doing a free service for fans, take your time. We all appreciate the work you do.