Sunday, 14 April 2013

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: Shoujiki Shindoi feat. Kimura Kaela (2004.12.22)

Konichiwa again peoples,

I've done a short video about 7 minutes that was requested to me about....1 or 2 years ago (probably), like most of the videos in the old request list.

Sorry about generally ignoring these despite having promised to do them. The problem is that most of these videos would probably only interest the requester and maybe some other small following, and since the fanbase of this website has grown since the olden times, there's a need to please more people.

So anyway, that's my excuse ;p

This video is from Shoujiki Shindoi, a show hosted by Domoto Tsuyoshi from Kinki Kids. I've done two full episodes in the past but this is just a short outtake from a Christmas special with Kimura Kaela. This particular special also featured Gackt and the band, Ulfuls. You can watch the Gackt bit somewhere else, and it's subbed too (yay). 

Well, as I mentioned already, this video will probably only interest a few people that follow this blog. It's not particularly funny or interesting, they don't really do much. If you still want to watch then you're free to, but don't complain that you didn't like what you saw and I should be doing more Shabekuri or something........please.

At least it'll please the Kinki Kids fans though. And there's a shit load of them too.


Shojiki Kaela by juxtapose31


The Kimura Kaela song that was playing in this video is "Happiness".



  1. Kaela is so cute *o*

    1. Yeah she is.
      Except she has crazy hairstyles nowadays and shaves her eyebrows off and stuff....haha.

  2. Actually I'm quite enjoying the previous 2 episodes of this show that you have subbed before. So I gave a try of this one too.
    But yeah, It's like what you said, this episode is not particularly funny or interesting.
    It will only please Domoto Tsuyoshi fan or Kimura Kaela fan.
    Well, it has a short duration and a bit relax, so it's okay I think.
    Certain singers/musicians just not suited variety show.

    1. Yeah, I also like the show in general but this little part is honestly quite boring, lol.

      Kimura Kaela is actually pretty good on other variety shows.

      Maybe it's cuz they just did....nothing in this vid. Well not much anyway.

  3. Thank you very much for this vid

    /kinki fan here ;)

    1. Hello Kinki fan, and you're welcome.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. thank you very much! :D

  5. Thank you so much!=З

  6. Thanks very much for sharing this!!

  7. I love Tsuyoshi and Kaela is so cute in Happiness PV!

    I haven't been around much lately but it's nice to see you're still subbing and sharing it with us, thank you!

    1. Hey! Welcome back, and it's nice to see you again.
      Hope you've been well.

      and yes, they are both cute in various ways.

  8. Thank u so much for subbing this segment of shoujiki shindoi. I love the show and i love them both. Those 2 are so unique. Both like to experiment with their hair. Haha.

  9. Years later, I still thank you for this! Thanks!