Friday, 8 June 2012

Shabekuri 007 Episodes Subbed by Other People

 Hey, I've compiled the videos that you let me know about and also some others that I found. I remember there used to be a few more prior the nuclear bombing of megaupload and other sharing sites, like episodes with Gackt and some others. Anyway, here's the list of Shabekuri episodes that have been subbed by people other than myself that I am aware of atm.

Guest: 2ne1  (2012.05.14)
Subbed by Royal Ace Subs

-Pronounced "two-en-ee-one", sounds like 21. It's a Korean girl group. I can't remember her name but one of their faces creeped me out. You might not be able to tell in the photoshop polished photo but you can see the hideousness on this episode. It was like someone stuck a bunch of skin coloured play-doh on her face.


Guest: BIG BANG (2012.04.23)
Subbed by Bbvipchannel

Big Bang are probably the most popular group in Asia at the moment. K-Pop has been popular in Japan for a while with Tohoshinki and some others but Big Bang took it to a whole new level along with the other acts we see today.


Guest: KARA (2011.07.04)

Another K-pop girl group. Probably the most popular in Japan (or Girl Generation). Yeah, just more Korean stuff. Not particularly interesting (for me at least). I liked the smiley girl though.



Momoiro Clover are a fairly new idol group that have recently become very popular. Known for their flamboyant and kinda cheap looking outfits and obvious references to pop culture such as tokusatsu and wrestling. They're clearly and unashamedly aimed at otaku type people, and it has worked. Their songs are catchy as f*ck, and get stuck in your head for days. There's a song called Coconuts, and they kind of run around in circles just going "kokokokokoko♪" which made my laugh.

Coconuts PV


Female idol group of monstrous popularity. Well the original members and a few generation after it were at least. Now they've been overshadowed by AKB48. This episode features the OG members and the new members,or at least what was new when it was broadcasted.

The video is broken into three parts:

Tohishinki are one of the most popular Korean boy idol groups. They probably are the most popular, or at least were until Big Bang showed up. Not really sure though. I do sort of like one song by them called "Doushite Kimio wo suki ni natte simattandaro". Don't particularly know much else by them.


Tsunku is a famous vocalist for his solo work and with the group SharanQ. However, he is most famous for being the producer of the super idol group, Morning Musume, and other idols from the Hello Pro Agency.

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