Thursday, 14 June 2012


Hey there again,

Here's the Japan vs Australia football  match that took place on the 12th. It was a great match, and even better because I was in the stadium watching it!

Now you know where I live lol.

It was my first live soccer match. There's not much that you can look forward to around where I live in terms of football/soccer. There's the A-League, which is Australia's national league, but it's not really that interesting despite he team representing where I live (at the moment) being the recent champions. Even if there's an international match like the current one, it usually takes place in Sydney or Melbourne, and it's not really worth flying all the way there (Australia is huge).

You may or may not know, but the main sport followed in Australia is rugby, and AFL (Australian Football League) which is another sport that uses an oval ball similar to rugby. Aaaand, that's a shame because I have no care in the world for such sports. Soccer is growing in popularity, and is easily the most played at children level. Even so, it's still even overshadowed by cricket as a "national sport" kind of thing. Many of you in a non-formerly-British colony probably won't even know what "cricket" is, apart from an insect that you feed to pet frogs. Or befriends Pinocchio.

Basically, a similar concept to baseball (sort of). You hit a ball with a bat and the opposition try to catch it. Well that's the most basic of basic rules. I don't really want to write much about it since it's not really relevant, and I'm not very familiar with the rules anyway. If you're interested then look on wikipedia or youtube to see what it's like....

Anyway, here are couple of links to the Japan vs Australia match. It was a closely fought encounter with quite a bit of drama for a soccer game. Mainly because of the lame referee. There was some crazy Scottish fellow sitting behind me screaming obscenities every time the referee blew his whistle. It looked like he was embarrassing his wife that was sitting next to him, and I think she made him shut up later on because he became really quiet after the second half lol. He was also scaring a little Indian kid in front of me. here it is.

High Definition Quality (English Commentary)

You get to hear funny Australian accents ;p

Low-Mid Quality (Japanese commentary)


  1. Lol this is probs the only comment on here but... who were you rooting for?

    You were so lucky to see this match live too, I would've gone Queensland to watch but I have finals on atm.

    Loved how you just babbled on about rugby and cricket though haha. You don't care much for them?

    1. I was cheering for Japan but since I'm half Aus/Japanese race I didn't mind either way that much.

      Haha and no, I'm not very interested in rubgy or cricket. I watched the rugby world cup when it was in Australia but that's about it. Couldn't give a damn about the State of Origin although it's one of the most popular events in Queensland.

  2. What an entertaining match. The spirit of Australia vs the talented youth of Japan will always prove a great mixture. The ref was horrible but at least he's consistently horrible lol

    Watching some of the highlights, Australia got some pretty good chances on goal but there has been superb defending from Japan. And one cute moment during free kick set up, Cahill was massaging the shoulder one of Japanese player (can't make out his face) standing in the wall in front of him lol

    1. Haha yeah noticed that too. I think it was Shinji Kagawa.

  3. Did you watch Olympic opening match Japan vs Spain? I'm so proud of Blue Samurai, my heart combust when I saw Otsu cried lol Go Asia! Although Nagai wasted so many goal chances >_>

    1. No! I'm trying to find a place to download it! I'm sure it would be great though

    2. It was feel good match yo! I can't find direct download but I see lotsa torrent links? Do want?

      Qoute about the game:
      "Japan have been excellent, and they won't tire," booms Robert
      Horsfield. "Their main strength at all levels is unbelievable stamina.
      Red card makes it even more boxed off. Game on? Game over."

    3. I found one on a site called footballtreat. Can't find any for the Morocco game though... Have you a torrent for that?

  4. I missed the Morocco game too and so far I don't see any torrent for it yet ^^!

    I'm watching Honduras game live now on ESPN xD!