Friday, 2 March 2012

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: Gackt on Urerudou (1999.06.08)

Hey again, here's another Gackt video. I thought that it would be about time the Gackt fans would start getting a bit restless (and I guessed correctly it seems), so I subbed a short 10min clip of him from a show called 'Urerudou' in 1999. It's an old video, which you will be able to tell from some of their conversations......and the quality of the video. He came to promote his solo debut single, "Mizerable", and it's still when he mumbled rather than talked and stared off into space a lot. Quite different from nowadays lol. It should please some people in that sense.

Ohh...and that doll he's holding is Squoll from Final Fantasy. 


Urerudou (1999.06.08) Gackt by juxtapose31


Is the name of the host here. He was an early protoge of the legendary duo, Downtown, featuring in their show, "Gottsu Ee Kanji". He is often mistaken for being a duo with another guy called Imada Koji that featured in that show but he is actually a solo comedian. He seems kind of nice in this video but he's well known for having a bad personality and being hated by his peers lol. Not really sure on any specific things though.

The Alfee are a very famous and super long existing, three man rock band. The guitarist, Takamizawa Toshihiko could possibly be thought of as one of the first viusal kei artists. He started that style of look well before the term and genre of "Visual kei" was even conceived but his appearance does have it's similarities. The man is in his late 50's now and has said that he thinks it's too late for him to suddenly change to a normal appearance, so has kept up this image ( said on Shabekuri 007 appearance). He now features as a regular cast for the show Shin Domoto Kyoudai and is identifiable for this long dyed blonde/orange hair and flashy suits.

Body con was a style of fashion that became popular in Japan between 1991~1994 among the club going females. It stands for "Body Conscious" and were generally very tight fitting one pieces with very short skirts.
 It was during the bubble era and people were pretty crazy back then so there were bars where body con girls danced on tables and guys stared up at them from below.....

The dress doesn't seem that different to what people where in clubs these days though. Well, at least in the country that I live in...


  1. I just realized he used to cover his mouth when he laughed or smiled because he didn't like his teeth.

  2. Oooh thanks for this! I always love seeing Gackt videos on here :)

    It's amazing to compare these old interviews to his more recent appearances. The change is so great. Though I must say I prefer his recent open and smiley approach to his old awkward/shy mumbling XD

    1. Yeah, it is fun to see how much he changed, or opened up to other people at least. His real personality in private back then was probably the same or very similar to what he shows himself as now. He was probably just too shy to show it :)

  3. Thank you!
    Old vid of Gackt = Love! :D

    The first time I saw Gackt video (back in 2002/2003), I thought he was a cyborg. He didn't smile much and didn't have much facial reaction. xD. Silly Gackt. Of course I thought it was rather funny he claimed he was a 400 something year old vampire.

    Have you wathced Moonchild? The plot wasn't great but there's Gackt, Hyde and Leehom in it. Vampires. xD

    Anyway, thanks again!

    1. Haha yeah I thought he was some creepy guy at first but changed my mind eventually. I haven't watched it yet. Well maybe the first 15 minutes or something on youtube. Never got around to watching the whole thing though. I am interested though....I always seem to keep forgetting about it lol

  4. Thank you very much. Such a shy little boy. Well, luckily we all grow up. It is a pleasure to watch these old videos and to know what he has become. Unbelievable amount of hard work paid off. Thank you for the wonderful notes again!

    1. Yeah, he's a very hard worker and serious towards his work, which is an attitude I very much admire and very much lack in myself.....(x_x) lol

    2. Do not be so hard on yourself (smiles). This blog shows that at least in some aspect you work very hard...

  5. Thank you for this show ! I like to see him in old videos and measure the change ! :D

  6. Thanks bunches! I always wanted to watch this one subbed. ^^ I quite like this shy childish personality. xD

    And by the way, that should be "Squall" and not "Squoll", yes? lol ^^

  7. Thanks a lot for fulfilling my request <333 I've totally missed this entry somehow...

    Btw, it wasn't a Squall figure actually. Well, not really. It was a doll from his fanclub goods. Looked pretty similar though, indeed.