Monday, 2 January 2012

Video Subbing (Request): Gackt Family

Well hello there, how are you today?

I'm doing fine, just waiting to see if the world will end this year as the Mayan's prophesised. lol
Well not really, but it's an event to look out for this year. Who knows though, we might die before even noticing.
Ahhhh anyway enough of that.

I noticed that I had a pile of Gackt video requests waiting to be done (and keeps growing...) and some were asked for quite a long time ago. The reason that it's been so long, is that due to the number of Gackt requests I get I might do about two and then skip past some to do other requests for a while. Or I end up doing recent Gackt video's which then pushes back the other ones even more.

So this is one of those 'pushed back' ones, and the next one is also highly likely to be one. I'd only recommend this videos to close followers of Gackt most people will probably find it boring otherwise. So yeah if your not much of a fan then now is the time to retreat.

The video features some of his band members and they basically just talk about how weird Gackt is. I'm not reeally familiar with his band members so I don't know his name (he's referred to as the Chief Treasurer) but he reminds me of Naboo from the show Mighty Boosh.

Yeah this fella.

I don't know if this is the full video as it ends quite abruptly but it's the only version I could find/ be bothered to find. If someone finds more and wants it subbed just let me know.


The guy asking all the questions is a comedian called Haraguchi Akimasa that specializes in impersonations. He's actually acting as the comedian Sanma here for some unknown reason. In the video he also impersonates Ishibashi Takaaki from the duo 'Tunnels'. Tunnels are a very famous veteran comedians who have also had some successful music singles. Recently they cross-dressed as some African American females from Nevada along with the DJ Ozma (also sometimes the leader of Kishidan), and had a few hit songs and even a lame ass movie.
Back in the day (early 1990's) they made a song called 'Gara Gara Hebi' (Rattle Snake) which was also a hit. This song is actually a bit special for me as there is a CD of the single at my house, and I used to listen to it when I still lived in Japan when I was around 3~4 years old lol. Here it is if you're interested.

Oh and here's the cross-dressing Afro-American thing lol. They went by the name 'Yajima Biyoushitsu' which means Yamjima Beauty Salon.



    thanks for your hard work on subbing and uploading
    i want to request for gackt in vs arashi sp recently

  2. Man you were dead on with that naboo thing. What has that guy done to his face? O_o

  3. love_teddies: Happy New Years! Hmmm well...considering it's almost 3 hours I'm not too keen to have to do it by's a lot of work. I'll take a look though...

    Anonymous: lol even his voice is similar and the both have a slight lisp too. Who knows what he has done to his face...heaps of make up and plastic surgery probably (-_-)

  4. thank u so much for ur translation. u're like a world savior to a gackt fan. seriously. *bow*

  5. Hey. :) Thanks for your work. Maybe you can still sub the vs Arashi since Gackt was only on in the last hour of the show. Most of us Gackt fans is this enough to have. Maybe you can think about that again. :)

  6. Hey....
    Thank you so much for sharing this...
    btw... i agree with love_teddies and kurai....
    hope you can think bout it...
    Arashi + Gackt = Awesome overload