Saturday, 21 January 2012

Video Subbing [REQUEST]: Domoto Kyoudai (2001.08.26) Shingo Mama and Gackt

Here's another requested video sub. It's from the show Domoto Kyodai which is hosted by Kinki Kids, and features various musicians as regulars of the show that basically just sit in the background and generally don't even say a word. Pretty easy money don't you think? Back in the days of this episode, people like Gackt used to make funny comments once in a while though.

This episode features Shingo Mama, a one-off character by Katori Shingo from the boy group SMAP, that became really popular for a brief time at the start of the 2000's. He even had a show where he dresses up in the Shingo Mama outfit and goes and cares for some kids for a day or something I think. I have a feeling I've seen it anyway.


Domoto Kyodai (2001.08.26) Shingo Mama+ Gackt... by juxtapose31


Yuzu-pon is a type of ponzu flavoured with a citrus fruit called yuzu. Ponzu itself is a dipping sauce usually used for dishes such as shabu-shabu and hot pots. It is a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and a few other things.


  1. Just thought I'd write in for the first time and say I'm amazed at the rate at which you put out content, your making my life much more enjoyable and make my long days and hours of work better with great videos. Really I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of people like you and Shibata-san and many others I have started taken Nihongo to broaden my love for the Japanese culture, bit by bit people like you are making the Japan become a much more appealing country to the rest of the world. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the videos. I'm not really sure how long other people take to do subs but it doesn't really take me that long. Well obviously it depends on how long the video goes for but this might have been about total of 3 hours of work. Probably.

      Happy to hear that you're starting to like Japan more because of my blog! Please keep following~. I'll try to make it even more interesting.

  2. Thank You for his ^^
    it's amazing that those musician can be so funny as well,lol

  3. OMG THANK YOU! I'm not sure if anyone else requested this although I know I did.

    This was the first video I ever saw of GACKT. I had no idea what was being said but found it hilarious all the same. I've always wanted to know.