Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mediafire Uploads Final

More mediafire uploads. These should the last of my videos, which means everything I've subbed is now available from mediafire. Hope you like them~

Ametalk (2006.11.09) Gundam 1

A-Studio (2011.08.05)Hotei Tomoyasu
A-Studio (2011. 06.24) Imai Miki

HEY HEY HEY in Universal Studio's Japan (Episode 1)
HEY HEY HEY in Universal Studio's Japan (Episode 2) 
(with Gackt, w-inds, Every Little Thing etc)

Sekai Dangan Traveller (2010.12.11) Kato Rosa (in Miami) 

Jounetsu Tairiku (2011.07.31) Hotei Tomoyasu
Jounetsu Tairiku (2010.02.20) Imai Miki

KREVA on Music Lovers (2011.02.28)

Doumoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi (2009.01.28) Urasawa Naoki

Hotei Tomoyasu V.I.P


  1. Hi,Really Really want to say Thank You for subbing all these videos ^0^
    I especially thankful for Doumoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi with Urasawa Naoki~
    once again Thanks ^^

  2. Thank you for subbing Doumoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi with Urasawa Naoki. Love this show very much.)

  3. thank you so much for subbing Shindoi!! i appreciate your work!!

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. *Saving the photo in this post*

  6. Thank you for subbing the videos, i really appreciate it.
    I want to especially thank you for subbing shojiki shindoi, its one of my favorite shows ^^

  7. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing. I'll be taking the videos of Doumoto Tsuyoshi and Hotei Tomoyasu.

  8. Wow lots of Doumoto fans suddenly.
    You're welcome!

  9. thank you so much! took the Shindoi video. ^^

  10. Thank you so much for subbing! :D

  11. Taking Doumoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi.
    Thank you for subbing it~
    wonder if you interest to take a look at another shindoi episodes?
    because I hope you can consider to sub shindoi 2009.07.08 (Guest: Yamada Takayuki) or shindoi 2004.12.22 Kimura Kaela part.
    They are rarely appear on show like this,so I hope you can consider them.
    if you want to see the list of shindoi episodes and the link for raw videos,you can go to
    And will someday you wrote the tutorial for make hardsub if you have time?
    because I would love to learn how to do it,so I can help some.

    1. I support the one with Yamada Takayuki ♥
      his acting is so great and he rarely appear on variety show like this.

  12. Taking the Shindoi, thank you~! :)


  13. a subbed shindoi? Thank you so much for this.
    I miss this show.

  14. I LOVEEE urasawa naoki's mangas!!
    thx for subbing!

  15. ROFL oh god Tabe-chan! What have you done to yourself?! Oh well the more reason for me to love her ^__^ *saving pic* Do you happen to know what movie/drama is that from?
    Thanks a gazillion for the subbed videos!

    1. haha, you're welcome. Sorry but I don't know what drama/movie the picture is from. I found it somewhere although I can't remember where.