Wednesday, 5 October 2011


 Finally! Finished the final episode. This was quite an interesting series, and made me interested in Hotei even more and appreciate his older songs more as well. This video took little time to do as they played 'Poison' twice, meaning I could just copy paste most of the lyrics. The other song they played only repeats the same words as well so there was no need to do anything for that either hehe. You get to watch the 'Poison' music video, which I'm pretty sure isn't on youtube or other mainstream video sharing sites he wears some sort of 'devil hand' thing in it. Oh and also watch out for an uncovered female boob.

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Did you see him eating hair in the music video?


  1. Ahhhh "Poison" - the music video that had so much promise, concept-wise but failed in execution. LOL - I love the "devil hand thing" as a term for the accessory featured so prominently in the video. In "Bullet Rock", he takes it to the next level and dons a "devil face thing". Wonder what kind of direction he's given when he needs to do a "scary face" :P


  2. Haha really? Do you have a link to that video?

  3. Ooh I love this. He has such a sensitive soul and you really can tell that his music strongly reflects how he lives and what he thinks. Great series. Helps me get to know him, and respect him even more.

    GodzillaRadio, did you know about Hotei's recent interview on the 27th anniversary special of "さんまのまんま"? I can upload the video for you guys if needed. :)

  4. Oh wow really?? I knew about that episode but didn't know he was in it! Don't worry, I know where to get it though. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  5. ARG the "Bullet Rock" PV was removed due to copyright claims by the record company! : -(

    My new goal is life is to see Hotei live in concert with you guys! <3