Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Video Subbing: KREVA on MUSIC LOVERS (September, 2011)

Here's an episode of Music Lover's featuring Japanese hip hop musician Kreva. After finding huge success with the group Kick The Can Crew in the early 2000's he also created hits as a solo act after breaking up the trio. He's one of my favourite Japanese rappers..well one of the few that I like, as I'm not really a fan of most Japanese hip hop artists (who often unfortunately try to be 'black' too much). Kreva doesn't though, and although he may sound to poppy for purists, his lyrical skills are top class. It also helps that you can usually understand what he says as he doesn't really try to be 'cool' and use lame accents lol. Anyway, he's released a new album called "Go", which means 5, I think to either commemorate 5 years being solo or it being his 5th album. I'm feeling too lazy to check at the moment.....sorry.
He performs a song off the new album called 'Kijun' (The Standard), which is evidently directed at lame or "fake" musicians. I found it really cool and will now look to get his album......

PS. I didn't subtitle the song with the other Kick the Can Crew members in the video as......well I couldn't be bothered. It's hard translating songs, especially hip hop. As I just found out.



  1. hi and thanks for great blog...
    i just saw your amazing work on this vid, and i have a question if you don't mind me asking what was the song playing when they introduced the kick the can crew cd debut? (about min 14)

    1. Hey, sorry about the late reply. I believe the one your referring to is called "Super Original".