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Hello, this footage of Gackt on Studio Park, that for some reason was not included in the video that I subtitled previously. To be honest I didn't really feel like doing another Gackt video so soon but since I received requests from two people, I felt obliged and motivated to do so. lol

I'll be taking requests as a priority so even if it's something that I was intending to lay off till later, I will move it up to the top of the list (unless if there are other requests in line), so feel free to ask for things you want subbed.

Anyway, here you go.

I found this video a lot harder to translate than the other parts of the episode. Especially the preview of the drama 'Tempest' as they speak in an olden style and use a lot of complicated words....which I think I got right, and will explain later on. There also various other words that were hard to translate......

This doesn't really need explaining but I'll just include pictures of the other people in the top five ranking for solo males with most top 10 singles. This list kind of makes you realise how few popular solo male artists there are nowadays as they're all from one or two generations ago.

* I found heaps of weird album covers of theirs so I'll post them as well just for laughs

Tied 1: Tahara Toshihiko

2nd: Go Hiromi 郷ひろみ

He deserved two since they really..............make you question what they were trying to do.

Song: 'How Many' Good Faces

Song: Naked Venus
.....................................(-_-) cough* 

3rd: Saijou Hideki  西城秀樹

                                                                   Song: 'Hop Step Jump'

4th: Sawada Kenji 沢田研二

Sawada Kenji was an androgynous type of guy so I can't really say many of his album covers are 'weird' because that's what he's usually like (most of them aren't even close to 'weird' as those other guys' ones anyway), but I did find one.

                                                                                                Love Is A Distraction

Is the ancient kingdom that existed in the 'Ryukyu' islands between Japan and Taiwan. This also includes the popular holiday destination of Okinawa. Their bright red palace, Shurijou can be visited their, although it is a rebuilt one after it was destroyed during war.

Ryukyu Islands
                                                                             Shuri Castle

I'll leave this up to wikipedia. They explain it pretty well: EUNUCH

In the footage of the drama 'Tempest', they had a scene where they were awarding Son Neion a position in a council. This section was very hard to translate. My face was like this --> (x_x)??

At the start they say something about a gift of food. In Japanese they said 'Igi no omono' 威儀の御膳. This is like an offering you give to the Emperor for when there is some sort of ceremony of feast. They then described this as being 'Shujou' 衆生. I found out that Shujou, after research, is derived from the Hindu word of 'Sattva', which means to be pure and free of evil spirits etc (wikipedia). It's probably also a part of Buddhism which was the main religion around there as well, and it get's many of it's roots from Hinduism.

Son Neion was granted a position in the 'Hyoujousho' 評定所 Council. The Hyoujousho was the highest ranking council you could be part of.

He talks about two things that he think Japanese peoples' way of life are based on:

Bushido 武士道: Means 'Way of the Warrior'. It's like a code of rules by which the Samurai lived. It is similar to chivalry of the knights in Europe. It's main messages are to have frugality, morality, mastering martial arts, and having honour till death.  (Wikipedia)

Giri-Ninjou 義理人情: This is a Japanese expression that doesn't exist in English. It's made up of two opposite meaning words, Giri 義理 , which means duty/obligation, and Ninjou 人情, which means human feeling/human nature. Japanese people particularly have a strong sense of Giri, which can be seen nowadays in their attitude towards work and service. This is may be in conflict with Ninjou, as you might actually want to do something else. However, Ninjou is still considered important as it also encompasses love and kindness etc. Although they maybe the opposite things and come in conflict at times, to have a balance of the two and using them in the appropriate situations are valued, although it was probably a lot stricter in feudal times.
(Wikipedia -Giri  義理-         Ninjou 人情:- )


  1. I was one of those two.. There are no words to describe how amazing and kind you are. You even bother to take time with all these explanations and notes. Unbelievable. I have learnt a lot. I wish you could understand Finnish so that I could thank you properly *smile*. Thank you so very much!

  2. I'm speachless of the effort you had. Thank you so so much!