Monday, 8 August 2011

Video Subbing: GACKT on HEYx3 MUSIC CHAMP (2004)

It's pretty (very) bad quality but please forgive.|


Matsumoto says that "If you were asleep for any longer, cotton would have been stuck up your nose!"
I don't think that this is a specifically Japanese thing to do, but he was referring to the practice of stuffing the nose of dead people with cotton. They also plug up other holes (like ear holes) to stop bodily fluids leaking out of them, as this is what happens when you die. Parasites living in your body such as tape worms also decide to escape your deteriorating lump of flesh at this point through these holes too, if you were carrying them around inside of you.....

This is from the famous intense training scene from Jackie Chan's movie Drunken Master. This is one of my favorite Jackie movies, although I think number 2 was better from what I remember. The things he did in his younger days are just..........pure awesomeness. I've uploaded parts of the training scene including the push ups in question.

Again, I couldn't be stuffed translating the song.....too lazy. Plus you can just get the off sites dedicated to lyrics, although to be honest, sometimes they can be a little dodgy with the translation. Although I'm not saying that mine are completely perfect either.


  1. Awesome. Thanks. Funny as usual.

  2. Thank you! Great work. By the way, someone said there is a part in Studio park which is not subbed ( something to do with men/women, taiga drama and martial arts man ). Someone posted a link in the comments. Please...just kidding, do what you like! Just keep uploading these videos. You are wonderful.

  3. Yeah I downloaded the file but I can't play it properley for some reason...something about an Invalid Unit size. I've tried looking up what the hell that means but came up with nothing...

    If you have any idea on how to fix it, some help would be nice!

  4. Or if you know of any other places where I can get those missing bits, that would also be appreciated

  5. I've figured the problem out and have posted the parts you were talking about with subtitles:)

  6. By the way, I hope you don't me asking if you knew of the video where gackt was on latest Hirunan Desu show. Tenshin26100 has found the video on his site. Maybe when you subbing one of his video again, you can sub this one also. or not. I feel guilty asking you to sub it. I like the videos you had subbed of his interviews and they funny and really quality. Good Work.

  7. Sure, I've been asked by someone else too so I'll do it soon.