Sunday, 28 August 2011


How's it going everyone? Hope life's been treating you well...

I'm sure you all know of samurai and geisha and other olden style traditional Japanese things, and have seen them portrayed in films, anime, or modern day people dressed up in their attire etc etc.

However, have you ever seen REAL photo's of Samurai and other people that actually lived in the era?  I think the chances are fairly slim.....because I've barely ever seen them. In text books and stuff telling you about old Japan they usually show just show modern reenactments, drawings or ancient artworks. Anyway, I find these pictures of old Japan fascinating, as it brings a sense of realism to these figures that are now mainly left for our imagination.

**Some have been retouched with colour (not by me)

This is a particular favourite of mine.........she's soooo cute! It's too bad 
someone scribble on it though. She's meant to be the person in the block artwork she's holding.
The scribble is actually 理想? (Ideal?) and 現実 (actual) with a love heart. Which I agree with.

He's like a ghost.....

This is really nice....
A Shinto priest

The Peasants

More awesome scenery shots

Well hope you liked this pictures or real olden day Japan. Photo's are great how they can capture the life of moment of whatever it was pointed and can be appreciate 100's of years later like this....

If you're interested in looking at more photo's check out this website...


  1. The picture are cool - it reminds me of feudalism in Europe. I am usually fond of times like that (with honor). Do you have any pictures of samurais? I think those might be interesting.
    Also, awesome of you to know characters.

  2. There are some Samurai in this post, although not many looking at it now lol. They're the guys with swords and top knots (the funny hair style). I recently found a site in English that has lots of old Japanese photos, although you can't specifically search for Samurai (I think).

  3. Wow, they really do look different from how mangas/dramas depict them as.
    Thanks, I'll look through the site for more interesting facts.

  4. Haha yeah, the guys dressed like that are usually the minions that get bashed up so you don't notice them much in manga/anime. Either that or just the hair tied back rather than shaving the front part bald haha