Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Video Subbing: GACKT on HAPPY MUSIC

This is my subtitled video of GACKT on HAPPY MUSIC, hosted by half Japanese talent, Becky.
Since there's lot's of new GACKT interviews released lately for promotion of his new single, you can expect a couple more of the similar type in the near future.

As always, I like to explain some topics that appear in the video that you might not have understood, or I felt that I didn't quite translate properly.

Satsuma Kiriko is the style of artistic glassware creation that was produced by Satsuma-clansmen of Japan around the mid 1800's.  The Satsuma's were one of the super powers of feudal Japan around that time, and were based in the Southern areas of Japan. There style of glass artistry was decreased around the Meiji restoration and many of their works were destroyed.

For that reason they are very rare and sold at high prices nowadays. The style has now been revived and artisans are around now to make more of this type of glass stuff. I don't know if the one Gackt has is an antique or a more recent one but he seems to be taking good care of it......because it's probably worth heaps.

They went on quite a bit about some Baccarat glasses. Baccarat is a crystal glassware company from France, and has roots all the way back to1700's.

They talked about drinking hot sake in this video as well. Sake is drunk in varying temperatures, depending on how you like it, and it's called differently depending on how hot it is. In this video, GACKT is talking about 'Atsukan' (熱燗), which is sake heated at approximately 50 degrees Celsius.

Just for your information, these are the others:

* 燗 (Kan) means to heat sake
NameTemperature English meaning
飛び切り燗(Tobikiri-kan)55 ApproxJumping hot heat sake
熱燗(Atsu-kan)50 ApproxHot heated sake
上燗 (Jou-kan)45 approxHigher heated sake
ぬる燗 (Nuru-kan)40 approxLuke warm heated sake
人肌燗 (Hitohada-Kan)37 approxHuman skin heated sake
日向燗(Hinata-Kan)33 approxSun shine heat sake
冷や (Hiyaya)Room temperature Chilled
涼冷え(Suzu-bie)15 approxCool Chilled
花冷え (Hana-bie)10 approxFlower chill
雪冷え (Yuki-bie)5 approx
 Last on is 'Snow chilled'.......table kind of messed itself up so couldn't put it there.

As said in the video, there is a sort of tradition to drink sake with just two people, usually someone very important to you, or that you like a lot. But that's not necessarily the case all the time.

This was quite troublesome to translate accurately. I still don't think I quite used the correct words.
The Japanese word he used was  (can be read in various ways, but in this context it's 'Ma') which means 'in between'. Gackt felt that the time that passes in between drinks, when one wonders about when to pour a drink for the other was special.

There wasn't enough time in the video given to word it in a way that would be more easier to understand this concept...sort of. Anyyywayy hope you understood it.

Nico Nico douga is kind of like a youtube that Japanese people use. If you've seen videos with heaps of weird writing flying past from right to left, then thats a video from Nico Nico Douga, as users use leave comments drifting across the image. It's also where most/all (? don't know much about it) vocaloid stuff is posted. The new single Episode.0 was originally one such song, created using GAKUPO, the vocaloid sampling GACKT's voice. Anyway here is the original song.

Vocaloid is not really my cup of tea (or sake), but I can somewhat see/hear what they might be like about it at times.

If you've got any other questions or requests write a comment or two. THANKS


  1. Hey, the video with GACKT was interesting (like always). Is it possible to send me the subbed video file?

  2. Ummm, yes....
    But it might be easier if you get a program or use a site that downloads videos off youtube.
    Then you can easily get others you want from there and other video sharing sites

    Site: http://www.zamzar.com/
    Program: http://www.xmlbar.net/soft.php?lang=English

    If you need help or something then I'm happy to assist.

  3. Thanks~. I appreciate it. You don't really find that much subbed GACKT videos around, so I was glad I came across your blog. I hope you will post more interesting GACKT news. XD

  4. So happy to discover your blog. Thank you.♥