Sunday, 17 July 2011

Final Fantasy I - Pictures-


Hi again. I'm posting twice on the same day to compensate for the one week absence. But don't think that I'm trying particularly hard or anything.... because I'm not. Not for this post anyway.

I like collecting things for some reason. As many people do. I'm sure that you reading this would also have something that tickles/d your insides enough to make you want to collect it.

I used to collect stamps and bottle caps (lol) at some point, as well as cards, especially Pokemon cards (I'm from the Pokemon card generation). Although I didn't end up collecting many other types other than Pokemon, I would still get the urge to start doing so when I see kakoii pictures on other series like Magic the Gathering and Yugioh and stuff. May be there were other reasons for not collecting these such as not being able to get my hands on it easily (I live in Australia) and not possessing the money  to buy such things. Even so, I still really admired the drawings of monsters and other creatures on them. Basically it seems that I like pictures, because even stamps have pictures on them.

Nowadays though with the advancement of the internet and more people connecting around the world, one thing that I reaaaaallly like doing is looking for cool pictures of things/people/ whatever that I like on the internet. I often end up spending hours scouring the web more pictures to add to my collection. Sooo I've decided to use this blog as a way to share some. I've just recently played and finished Final Fantasy I on GBA, so there was a slight FFI boom in my mind for a while. Anyway here are some pictures that I found, mainly of the protagonist, the Warrior of Light.


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