Monday, 27 June 2011



Here's another video sub of Hotei visiting Downtown on Hey Hey Hey Music Champ again. I know I already subbed a video of the same people, but whenever these people meet, there's bound to be lots of laughs.


They were talking about a man called 'Yazawa' at the start. They're referring to this guy:
。。。Yazawa Eikichi

 If I was to compare him to someone in the Western world, he would probably be something like the Japanese Elvis Presley that didn't die from overdosing in a toilet. I"ve yet to start collecting his music, but I do have some very nice ones of his. Like Elvis, he used to be the heartthrob for most of the female population back in the day because he looked like this:

It's About As Easy As A Raccoon... 
For some part of the video, they're talking about the electric aided bike 'Lacoon'. I looked it up after subbing and found out that its actually 'Raccoon'....made by Honda, but oh well.
At some point, Hamada asks if its easy to ride the Raccoon and Hotei answers 'Raku..maa, Rakuun te iu gurai desukara' 楽.... まぁ、ラクーンって言うぐらいですから。He made a play on words here, as stated in the I'll just take some time to explain what it was.

Raku ( 楽) in this context, means 'Easy' (but can mean fun/entertaining, if written like this 楽しい 'Tanoshii').
Raku is the what Raccoon (Rakuun, if Japanised) begins with.

So, say that Raccoon is actually called Easicoon,
what he actually said was "Easy...? Well, they call it the Easicoon"....kind of thing.

I know that's not what I wrote on the video but, well........theres not enough time or space for it, and would have been a little confusing so I just changed. it flows pretty naturally anyway. まっ、それはそれで.

Why Hide Your Thumbs When Hotei Comes?
This was one thing that I thought REAALLY needed explaining. After Matsumoto said that, Hotei responds, "What am I, a hearse?"

 A hearse, if you are unaware is a funeral car.
Their is a superstition in Japan that you must hide your thumbs when a hearse passes, or else you will be cursed to be unable to be at your parents deathbeds. I didn't even know that so I had to look it up. Not really sure what the reason behind the superstition is though....

Hmm can't really think of anything else that needs explaining. If you've got any question feel free to comment


  1. Hi there! It's me, Danisha again. Funny, funny interview and as with the last clip, thanks for the extra details that get lost in translation! the bike story is funny, and I find it amusing that in this video clip you can hear Hotei's biological clock ticking when he expresses wanting to have kids (LOL). I didn't know guys could get that way. He is so in love with his niece it's adorable. (And actually, that's a pretty advanced 2 year old!)

  2. Hey GRadio, I've been watching alot of your Shabekuri 007 videos lately, and one video had Jun saying "itazura?!" in Toda Erika's video. There you had the translation as "feel her up" but here it's pranks.

    Now I now a couple of Japanese words, and to me "イタズラ" would just be prank. Could you clear this up, please?

    1. Not sure why you're posting it here but it can also mean to kind of sexually harass/ molest too if you say you do it to a female.

      see here

      They may have just meant to do a prank/annoy her but I don't know.
      Either way doesn't change a whole lot

    2. Also, I just looked back at the video and he's clearly reaching for her ass or something so....yeah. Hope that satisfies you.