Saturday, 11 June 2011


Musician Introduction: 

Who are these badasses, plotting to take your life? Thee Michelle Gun Elephant that's who.

Yes you heard me  'Thee Michelle Gun Elephant'


Well there's almost nothings better to start off with than than good old engrish i say, and that's possibly as insane a case of misused english as you can get. But its appropriate because the band is insane. 

Well not really literally insane but you know what i mean ( I hope)
Apparently they the name is a combination of mispronounced readings of the band "Thee Headcoats",  and album called "Machine Gun Ettiquette'. 

They are usually described of as a playing of playing Garage Rock, but also play a lot of Punk, Blues and Rockabilly style music. They've released 9 albums, but their style doesn't really change throughout the collection so a lot of the songs might sound somewhat similar, but they definitely have some very cool ones. 

Many of their song titles have English names, and many also have Engrish ones. For example: 
Black Punky Bikini
Dog Way
...Among several others

Aanyway enough about their naming sense. 
The band is quite an influential band in Japan although not overly popular in the charts (which isn't surpirising, since the Japanese music charts are invaded by the army of boy bands and idol groups). Regardless, they've been around for a while, providing Japanese rock fans with awesome riffs and tunes to listen to. 

Band members are:
Chiba Yusuke
-Vocals (also plays guitar, tambourine, harmonica if the song calls for it)
- Distinctive raspy voice and intense stage presence has lead to people likening him to a beast haha
-Apparently is a Tennen Boke /天然 ボケ
which means 天然= natural ボケ=idiot/aloof

Ueno Koji
- Influenced by Ramones, The Jam, Dr. Feelgood, The Who.

Kuhara Kazuki
- you can probably see
- He's the leader of the group
- Nickname is Kyu or Kyu-chan
- Known for his trademark Mohawk

Abe Futoshi (16 December 1966~ 22 July, 2009 due to acute epidural hematoma)
- Guitarist
- Does not use any effecters, and has apparently never used one before

So now you know the members, its probably about time I put up some of their songs.

-Smokin' Billy


-Get Up Lucy

-God Jazz Time

Theres many more, so if you like what you heard then check em out, if you want some albums, then I'll let you know how to get them
 Well thats it from me this time around 

ABAYO~ !!  
(あばよ)= Kind of like a slang way of saying 'Bye'

Oh yeah forgot to say that they've already broken up........yes sorry. Plus the guitarist Abe Futoshi has past away so there probably won't be a reunion. (ToT)


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