Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hotei Tomoyasu VS Downtown 3 on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ

Hotei Tomoyasu VS Downtown 3 on Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ

Okay third and final episode of Hotei vs Downtown, and possibly the best yet. Downtown are famous for picking on other people and have embarrassed all manners of people in front of an audience numerous times. Hotei Tomoyasu is one of the few people that can not only get out of the show relatively unembarrassed, but to be the one embarrassing others.

Watch as he makes Matsumoto break down and give up lol

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Imai Miki
I meantioned her in one of the previous video posts, but I"ll do it again briefly since she was talked about a fair bit in this clip.
  Imai Miki is Hotei's wife after he divorced Yamashita Kumiko. She was a very popular singer Throughout the 1990's, and most famous for the song 'PRIDE'.

Black and White World
"You've become a mysterious perons lately"
"What do you mean"
"You seem like a person that lives in a black and white world and has no faith or beliefs."

This bit was quite difficult to translate.....
Hotei actually says "You seem like a person from a 'Sumi-e' world, with no faith or beliefs"
Sumi-e 墨絵 is a type of traditional Japanese artform that just uses 墨 'Sumi', a black ink. (絵 'e' means picture). At first I took this literally, and thought that he was saying that either Matsumoto is like a character from a Sumi-e painting, or was like a Sumi-e artist. Either way however, I didn't really see how that was connected with 'a person with no faith or beliefs'...(this was also a word that is sort of complicated 信仰心 'shin-kou-shin').
.........So I had a little think....and thought that maybe he meant a black and white world, since that would sort of make sense in Japanese and English....Anyway I hope thats what he meant because thats what I ended up translating it as. I might be right jugding by Hotei's unenthusiastic kind of reaction to Matsumoto's response.
 Oh well, I suppose it's one of those things... 

What do you mean by 'her'?
"How does 'her' cooking taste?"

The way you say her in Japanese is 'Kanojo'...........This is also the way they say girlfriend. I translated it as 'her' in English for this video as Matsumoto asks "What do you mean by 'her'??" 


  1. Dude, you're amazing! :D I am now a fan of your blog.

    Ok, so I looked up Matsumoto after this clip and it explains he so much as to why he had a meltdown in this clip (LOL). I love the fact that whenever Hotei is a guest on this show the tables are somehow turned and he's able to get under Matsumoto's skin. Also, in this interview he mentions that although he's married they don't live together (a circumstance that I think has changed since he's had a kid) - something that both hosts found a bit odd. He's taken his liking to being by himself to a whole other level.

    And he cooks!:D


  2. Haha yes I'm a great fan of these HoteixDowntown episodes. It never fails to make me laugh.

    On a side note, Matsumoto actually got married either this year or last year because his (now) wife got pregnant. Now he also has a young daughter!

  3. Oh yes LOL I read about Matsumoto's wife in a wikipedia article :) Strange, no? But I think he deserves a love life too! :)


  4. you're doing an amazing job there mate. thank you so much