Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hello and Welcome!! TO! J BUROGU

Hello and welcome to J Burogu....

Hmm..well first off I'd like to start by explaining what kind of articles you might encounter while reading this blog.
The main purpose of this blog is basically to introduce to you various people and things from Japan.
So you can expect posts about Japanese musicians and other entertainment business related people, as well as posts about Anime/manga, movies, drama and stuff. I know that theres bucket loads of other blogs that do they same thing (particularly anime and music), so I'll be trying to suggest lesser known ones particularly music.
I definitly don't intend to limit posts to subjects about pop culture though and will put up information on other stuff I find interesting about Japanese language or general culture for example.

Anywayyss stay tuned for future posts peopless!

Oh and korekara yoroshiku!
(kind of like "Best regards from now")


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  1. i'll be watching this blog for sure. 頑張ってね!